The skin is the largest organ of the human body.

Area: approx. 1.5 – 2 sqm
Weight: approx 10% of bodyweight (depending on stored water and fat)
Total thickness: approx. 1 mm (may vary greatly depending on body part and individual condition).
Thickness of the horny layer: approx. 0.05 mm
pH-value:: 4 – 7 (depending on body parts)


The skin deserves protection and care!

• The skin feels through various sensory cells
• The skin protects from physical and chemical influences
• The skin takes part in various metabolic, storage, and regulatory processes
• The skin is an important part of our appearance


Healthy skin

Cells of the horny layer and the underlying epidermis are firm and the gaps between the cells are completely filled with skin fat.

Water loss through the oily skin is highly reduced. The skin is maintained moist and therefore soft. The barrier function is intact.

Damaged skin
Cells of the horny layer and the underlying epidermis are loosened by dissolved skin fat. The horny layer cells are dried out.

Water loss and drying out increases and the skin becomes chapped and rough. The barrier function is disturbed.

Protective function of the horny layer

A considerable and natural function of the horny layer of the skin is the resistance to the penetration of skin or health damaging substances. We therefore refer to the horny layer barrier. The thickness of the horny layer is only abt. 0.05 mm!

When irritants penetrate through the horny layer barrier, the skin reacts. Strong or regular, but daily repeated irritations of the skin lead to skin diseases. Allergic reactions are a good example.

A damaged horny layer barrier leads to dry and chapped skin which in turn favours the penetration of damaging substances and the development of skin diseases.


How does the horny layer barrier get damaged?

• Through substances which dissolve the horny layer’s natural fat, for example surfactants in cleansing solutions, organic solvents such as petrol, paint thinners, cold cleansers, etc.
• Through water, because then, the cells of the horny layer swell and damaging substances can penetrate more easily.


How can the skin be protected effectively?

• Special pr88-skin protection, prevents substances, which could dissolve fat, from coming into contact with the skin and prevents its penetration.
• Special pr99-skin protection, makes the skin water-resistant.
• Always use the pr-cleanser adapted to the level of soiling (as much as possible without solvents or abrasives).
• pr-care at the end of the working day for replenishment of skin fat and re-moisturising, to avoid dry, chapped and rough skin, to assist restoring of the skin.


Skin damage doesn’t occur uniquely at work.

The skin can also be damaged at home in the kitchen, repairing cars, or sunbathing.
Therefore, to maintain healthy and well-cared-for skin, use the pr-skin protection system regularly and consistently.