A wide variety of dispensers are available to suit all needs.
pr-dispensers and dosing systems facilitate use, economise through metered dosage and improve hygienic conditions.


Dispensers for pr88-skin protection cream

• Dispenser made of stainless steel, for 1.6 litre dispenser   cartridges
High-grade, durable quality due to the exclusive use of stainless   steel.
Container is coated in synthetic-resin.

• Macrolon Dispenser
to take approx. 2 litres,
to be refilled from 10-litre buckets


Dispensers and Dosage Systems for all other pr-products


Wall dispensers
• for 1- and 2,5-litre bottles
• Aluminium version – lockable or
• Plastic – impact resistant


Wall brackets – stainless steel
• for 1- and 2,5-litre bottles and 5-litre canisters


Dosing pumps
• Plastic – for 1- and 2,5- litre bottles and 5 litre canisters
• Stainless steel – for 2,5- litre bottles and 5 litre canisters