What is pr88?

It is cream which when applied before work protects skin against filth and grime. It also prevents build-up of dirt under finger nails and around the cuticles

What is it not?

pr88 is not a cleanser which is applied after the dirty job is finished with harmful effects on the skin. It is not silicone based. It is not greasy.

How does it work?

pr88 forms a thin film – an invisible coating on the skin. Obnoxious substances stick to the film rather than the skin and are removed by water afterwards

How do you get the best out of it?

Rub a hazelnut sized amount of cream into the hands (back, front and lower wrists). pay special attention to the nails and cuticles. Allow to dry (approximately one minute) and you are ready.

How long does the protection last? 

Upto four hours or until exposed to water (to protect skin from water or water like substances please use pr99)

Does it feel greasy?

No. Once dry it will not transfer to many other materials. In fact it will also prevent finger prints from appearing where they are not wanted, on surfaces which are to be polished, varnished or galvanised, for example.

Is pr88 environmentally safe?

Yes. Made almost entirely from natural raw materials, It is biodegradable. Its main ingredient is Glycerine. pr88 also helps prevent contact dermatitis by stopping irritating substances from making contact with the skin. It allows the skin to breathe.

How long has pr88 been in use?

It has been used for forty years in industry throughout the world. Developed in Germany, it was first successfully tested in the dermatological clinic of Munich University and has since been tested many times elsewhere with the same high standard results.

Is pr88 expensive? 

No. It is very economical in use. 1 litre gives approximately 300 applications. pr88 is a protection cream, taking only moments to apply and remove.

Is it pleasant to use?

Yes, very much so. It is soft, gentle, not greasy and has a pleasant almond smell.

Just, what will pr88 protect against?

…oilfat, grease…dirt,soot…paints, inks, varnishes…glues, adhesives, resins…fibreglass, polyester pastes…and graphite

Industries now using pr88

Automobile,aircraft and component manufacturing, building, construction, electrical, electronics, engineering. Farming, foundries, fuel distribution, garages. Leather trade, metal working, painting, decorating. Printing, rubber, plastics, shipbuilding, trains and railway equipment. The list is endless.